Wednesday, 10 December 2014


The Ministry of Community and Social Services is ready to distribute the funding promised to Developmental Services frontline staff for wage increases. On December 11th and 12th it will be time for our employers to support the wage increases as promised. Below are ten ways you can participate in solidarity actions happening across the province.

1)  Wear a blue shirt and a DS sticker take a picture and send it to : 

2) Take a trip to your agencies head office wearing blue & a sticker & take pictures sending them to:

3) Bring a small gift to the person in charge of your agency with a small note saying:
"This is a gift for you.....You say we deserve fair wage increases gift us with what we deserve , send an e mail or make a call to OASIS and let them know that you support your frontline getting what they have been promised"

4) Contact your local LEC or go to OPSEU's  website under developmental services link and find a information picket near you that you can attend

5) Get a group together and do a walk an sing through your agencies head office , print off copies of the lyrics to In Solidarity and sing it loud and proud
Take  pictures sending them to: 

6) Follow the sector on twitter @dsbecausewecare and retweet our tweets or tweet out solidarity shout outs
Example tweet:
@OASIS Stabilize wages in the DS sector today #opseu #onpoli #dsdignity

7) Organize a group of members to call or e mail the person in charge of your agency reminding them that the funding promise was for front line and ask them to let OASIS know that they support the funding to go to frontline staff

8) Flag your agencies head office with blue balloons and leaflets ( your highest ranking officer will have received material to do this contact them today)
Take  pictures sending them to: 

9) leaflet holiday events over the next two days with posters
Take pictures sending them to: 

10) At any training or meetings over the next two days bring your collective agreement, the posters, the leaflets, wear a sticker,  make it all visible

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