Monday, 13 January 2014

The reality of a support worker in developmental services

I have worked the field supporting individuals with disabilities of all kinds and individuals with ABI.
Over the years it saddens me to see the individuals do with out on so many levels. Once they pay their rent of approx. 955.00 while being supported in a 24 hour group home leaving them approx. 131.00 per month. Due to cutbacks they are having to pay for their own programming which costs depending on the agency approx. 100.00 a month....thus leaving them 31.00 a month for incidentials.
It is just wrong, it is not their fault they were born with a disability and requires assistance to live on a daily basis. Who can live on 31.00 a month????

I would also like to let you know I have been in this field for 15 years. Over the past decade there has constantly been cutbacks that impact the lives of the individuals due to lack of staffing. Staff are over worked and underpaid. Our organization has cut back so much that we have minimal support staff during the day and RC2's only work day shift. Thus doubling the workload as support staff do not have the same responsibilities. We are mandated by the government and our workload has increased substantially not only by the lack of staffing but due to the increase of paperwork required by the Ontario government to continue getting funding. SO basically they are giving us less money for staffing and increasing our workload. Our days are so stressful at work and unsafe due to behaviours especially because we are usually single staffed.(when I say unsafe it is due to the staff getting hit by the individuals at work, recently one staff was hit 7 times within 30 min) how fair is that!!!
Most nights I end up volunteering 1 hour extra as I run out of time to get my work done. I work 12 hour shifts.... I do not take a break and I end up working extra on my own time just to keep my job.
The individuals I support only have day program to attend in which they pay for as we do not have the staffing to take them into the community.
I am a frustrated staff that feel that the government needs to step it up and increase funding for persons with disabilities. They are hurting the innocent by not giving them the funding they require to live a happy healthy life!
I am also concerned for staff as I feel that all the pressures, risks and stress in the workplace will lead to increased health problems which in turn will increase costs for the government to pay for in health care!

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  1. I think developmental services are really important! My best friend's younger sister is disabled and it was always cool to see people working with her. I think people who work with individuals with disabilities have some amazing interpersonal skills. I would not be good in a job like this, but I admire those who are.
    Claudia Rosenburg |