Thursday, 9 January 2014

A Dreary Day Brighter

I decided to work in this field when I was 16 years old. I have (had) relatives with special needs on both sides of my family---two aunts who were born in the 50s yet both lived at home against the doctors’ advice. I was able to be around both of them and realize that even though they were "different" they were family and were unique in their own way. Growing up I saw both the good and bad of people when out with my aunts and realized that too many people had a negative view of the "handicapped" and felt that people with special needs needed people who cared to support them. As my mom took the DSW course and also works in this field I was again able to see a broader spectrum of special needs and realized that being able to support people was something I could do and so well. Working in this field has allowed me to make connections with people and seeing people I supported over 20 years ago and see their face light up and talk about things we did is very heart warming. This job allows me to do things that I probably would not be able to do in other occupations and to support people to local events as well as events elsewhere. I have been fortunate to meet many people who with one or two words can make a dreary day brighter.


Ken Maclaim

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