Monday, 7 October 2013

Because I cant help but care


         My chosen field of work is developmental services…..The government…..the employer….the powers that be have decided that I simply provide a service to the people I work with – that I am not family, and not a friend. Today I am sitting at a hospital bedside with someone I spend more time with than I do with my own family and friends.  I am feeling a connection with them that I am told I don’t have. Yet I am worrying, comforting, and caring in a way I would for any family member. I don’t care if it’s deemed right or wrong.  This is who I am, and this is why I decided to do what I do. The feisty red-head beside me needs me to be more than my job description today and I won’t let her down.

Anonymously  submitted.

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  1. This could have been written by me three times. Last week it could have been written by a co-worker. It could have been written by other co-workers at least a dozen times in as many years. Everyone could tell us that we shouldn't care in this way. Try as I might, I haven't figured out how to go to work and just do my job.