Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Chicken pot pie for the Developmental Services Sector’s soul

Developmental Services is a field that is not necessarily a popular choice for a career. We are often told by our friends, family and acquaintances, that the job we do takes a special person. Yes, it does take a special person.

Our chosen career has given us the opportunity to empower people with disabilities to live a life of intrinsic value. We provide supports that promote a life of choice, autonomy, inclusion, and equality. Less than a decade ago, within the institutional walls there was an outrageous lack of funding, a lack of staff, and individuals were segregated from the outside world. This type of care resulted in people with developmental disabilities being put away and forgotten, facing a life of imprisonment for having a disability. 

When we go to work each day, we make a choice to change the way people with disabilities have been treated for so many years. It absolutely does take a special person to work in our field, but it also takes dedication, compassion, and oftentimes plenty of patience. It is a difficult job, one that can often make us question our reasons for having chosen such a career path.

We believe in the importance of what we do, and it's the encouraging experiences that motivate us to persevere in this field.

The aim of this blog is to unite all of us in solidarity, and celebrate the successes and joys, learning and overcoming of difficulties. 

Supporting each other matters, developmental services matter and the work of service providers matters, because we care.

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